About Me

Learn more about SoFlo Biz founder, Feuza Reis.

Hi! I’m Feuza. My friends call me Fuse.
Travel Lover. South Florida Rooted.

I am originally from Brazil but I grew up in New Jersey so one can say I am Brazilian born, Jersey raised which means I do have a very loud laugh.

I began living in South Florida in 2017 and it has reignited my passions:  digital marketing, relationship marketing, travel, and business tips.  I created this blog as a way to be a bride for bloggers, businesses, and brands in South Florida. I come from a background of teaching SEO to photographers as I have been a photographer for a decade. 

I am available for:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Brand collaborations
  • Event Marketing
  • Photography 
  • Social Media Marketing

A little more about me:

I am a mom to two rockin boys, Lucas, and Joshua plus a step daughter to a beautiful young woman named Eyshila. I love to helo other small businesses and bloggers get found online. Like it’s the best thing ever! I also love to travel as I have been traveling ever since I was 6 years old. There is something about traveling that fuels my soul so I love to share travel spots especially business and family travel.

You can usually find me exploring unique coffee shops in South Florida, attending blogger events and of course soaking in the sun at one of our local beaches.

I also love red wine and Italy is like my second home.


PR Coordinator at Trending Influencers, which is a Brazilian influencer group

Brazilian Influencers in South Florida
Photo by Kalina San Jorge

I love attending blogger events and plan to share more about them here.